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=== Daily Stat ===

    A fork of Statpress Visitors for very limited space like there is in Free hosting.

Ce plugin a été supprimé du dépôt de WordPress suite à un différent avec l’équipe des plugins de WordPress. Lire : WordPress : le partage est mort ! Vive le commerce !
== Description ==

  • This plugin (a fork of StatPress Visitors) shows the real-time statistics on your blog. It collects information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, OS, etc., as Statpress Visitors.
  • Daily stat allows you to make stat on the free hosting that prohibit them by autodelete records older than 2 days.
  • NEW in 1.1 : Added a new way to count the RSS feed by IP. Thus, there are two separate counts of RSS: as far as total subscription on every page (pageviews feeds), as far as visitors subscribers(visitors feeds).
  • The « yesterday » page show you the number of « unique visitors », « page views », subscriptions to « RSS visitors feeds », subscriptions to « RSS pageviews feeds »  and « search engines » (spider) for each page and posts of your website at the date of yesterday.
    NEW in 1.1 : Better design of the Yesterday page. New row in the table: total for all URL of « visitors », « visitors feeds », « pageviews », « pageviews feeds » and « spider ».
    Now, the yesterday page display all the pages and posts of your website, with or without visits.
    The « yesterday » page show you the number of unique visitors, page views, subscriptions to RSS feeds and search engines for each page and posts of your website at the date of yesterday.
  • In the options page you can choose the number of IP displayed on « Visitor Spy » page (20, 50 or 100) and the number of visits for each IP (20, 50 or 100).
  • The spy robots is still available. This lets you know which pages were indexed by search robots.
  • The referrer page is still available. This shows what referrer bring the most visitors to your website.

== Download ==

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11 réflexions sur « Daily stat a new statistic’s WordPress plugin ! »

  1. hi Luciole,

    Can you tell me how to make editor role see the site stats too? Can you guide me where to make the change?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi,
      I will make a update but now my computer is down. When my compuyter will be good i do it.
      For the moment you can copy the solution of StatPress Visitors :
      best regard

      1. Hi Luciole, thanks for your response. I installed StatPress Visitors and noticed that editors and other roles also can’t see the site stats. It’s the same.

        You said copy the solution of StatPress Visitors. Can you tell me what’s the solution of StatPress Visitors? Thanks a lot.

        1. Hi,
          Well, i forgot i have copied the StatPress Visitors solutions.
          In the Options page, you have « Minimum capability to view stats », chose « edit_posts » or another capability of your editors and click on « save options », it will work.
          Best regards

  2. Can you tell me how to find out total visits for a month. Can I set the time that the DB is deleted?

    Thanks for your help.


    1. Hi,
      For the moment, there is no total visit for the month and there is no options to set the time that DB is deleted.
      Best regards

    1. On my website it works with 3.3.x!
      So there may be an incompatibility between plugins?

  3. Hello Luciole !

    Merci pour ce plugin !

    Aurais-tu ou saurais-tu où trouver une traduction française ?

    Merci par avance.

    1. Malheureusement, afin d’économiser la RAM, je ne l’ai pas conçu pour qu’il soit traduisible !
      Quand, j’aurais le temps, je me me mettrais à rendre les versions locales compatibles.

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