Statpress Visitors a new statistic’s WordPress plugin !

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Requires at least: 2.8
Tested up to: 3.4.1
Stable Tag: 1.5

A fork of Statpress with news « spy bot », « visitor », « referrer », « yesterday » and 9 convenients OPTIONALS pages.

Ce plugin a été supprimé du dépôt de WordPress suite à des commentaires infondés et quasiment insultants d’un utilisateur.

== Description ==

  1. This plugin (a highly improved fork of StatPress Reloaded) shows the real-time statistics on your blog. It corrects many programming errors of Statpress and statPress Reloaded. It collects information about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, OS, etc., as Statpress Reloaded and StatPress. It is compatible with StatPress, StatPress Cn, StatPress Reloaded and Statsurfer, but not with NewStatpress who change the datatable (if you try it, you must delete the statpress datatable to work with Visitors) and with kStats Reloaded who have it’s own datatable.
  2. A new counting method significantly reduces the number of SQL queries in the main page by the use of the Set theory. Now, the graphics are made in only 4 SQL query, then Statpress Visitors is faster than all others fork of statpress : 2 seconds than 10 sec with a large database of 45,000 datas. These new method of counting allows the counting of visitors, page views, search engines and subscription to RSS feeds for each page and display it on graphics. Then it gives an accurate view of traffic to your website: You can see the number of unique visitors, page views, subscriptions to RSS feeds and search engines for each page and posts of your website for every day saved in the database by graphics of 7, 15, 21, 31 or 62 days depending on the option chosen.
  3. Spy visitors has been redesigned. Now it displays the most recent visits to the oldest. This corrects an error of Statpress and Statpress reloaded. Indeed, if a visitor came yesterday and today you will see his first visit to yesterday’s date and the other after it. So you can not see the loyalty of regular visitors to your site: each visitor is displayed on the date of his first visit. In the options page you can choose the number of IP displayed on each page (20, 50 or 100) and the number of visits for each IP (20, 50 or 100).
    Spy visitors is now made in only one SQL query. The other fork of Statpress made it in the same number of SQL query that there is IP displayed on the page. Then Visitors work quickly.
  4. The spy robots is now available. This lets you know which pages were indexed by search robots.
  5. The referrer page is now available. This shows what referrer bring the most visitors to your website.


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134 réflexions sur « Statpress Visitors a new statistic’s WordPress plugin ! »

  1. Hi

    I tried to use Statpress V in a wordpress network. Apparently it works only if I activte the plugin site by site, and that is very time consuming. Isn’t it possible to make it work with network of sites? I used « Statpress CN » and that worked like a charm when I network activated it.

    I would prefer to use Statpres V :) it looks very good

  2. Hi
    Just installed Statpress Visitors. I had Statpress Reloaded and Statpress before that. Your plugin is still as slow as Statpress Reloaded. Any ideas on how to fix this problem. Also another plugin New Statpress says that the old Statpress was never indexed. Is your plugin indexing the data? Cheers appreciate your help on this, Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      With version 1.0.8, on page « Overview », Statpress-visitors is faster than the other Statpress (2 sec to 10 sec, with a large database over 45,000 records) because we did not make the graphs in the same way. Statpress Visitors needs only 4 SQL query to make a graph. All other fork of Statpress need as many SQL Queries that there is colored rectangles displayed on a graph ! Thus, if the graph shows 20 days, there are 20 times more SQL queries; if the graph shows 50 days, there are 50 times more SQL queries !

      On others pages, like « visitors », « view », « feeds », « referrer », « spy bot » you can not compare because the other Statpress did not have these pages !
      But it is much faster because it displays 20 graphics as quickly the others versions display a single graphic in the « Overview » page (10 sec) !

      The « spy visitor » page work like in « Reloaded » cause we use both the same counting method (but not the same sort of data) !

      To work quickly, you must have a short database, then select « autodelete data » ! More the database is short, more Statpress work quickly !

      The Statpress datas are indexed, like the Statpress Visitors datas cause all database have index ! But, I look the New Statpress data solution and i see that New Statpress create a new database with the same name but with 10 new index, one index by data stored and not one unique index for all datas stored !

      Do you try New Statpress ? Is it faster than Statpress ?

      1. Thanks for the info.

        No I did not try New statpress as I thought your plugin may be better and it is. I have deleted the last few years of data and only have 3 months worth of data now. It did not keep the old data at all so now I have no historical data to compare back to from the start of the site on visitors.

        Is there any way to delete all the graphs and tables that I don’t want. For example, I am really only interested in the vistors, what they read and for how long, where they are from etc. Some of the other info about robots etc is just too much and I don’t need it. Statpress, Statpress Reload and now your Statpress Visitors is excellent for knowing about the visitors but it would be good to have options of not having all the data and pages you have in the plugin.

        1. Hi,
          If I put the pages that you dont want an option, the program will be even longer and thus consume more RAM!
          I left the pages of generally statistics (although not looking at them ever personally) for those who are interested in it.

  3. Is there a way to see who is on the website now? Like the Visitors/Who’s on Online plugin. I don’t won’t the maps and all those other things they have but I would like a box that shows on my WP dashboard of how many people (visitors) are on the website right now.

    If there are too many people on my site now then I won’t do the maintenance until there is no one viewing.

    (Thanks for the plugin. It is very useful. It has lots of information and I like the changes you have made since you took it over. Great.)

    1. Hi,
      you can do this with the widget or with the StatPress_Print function in all PHP page with the variables %visitorsonline% and %usersonline%

  4. Hi, I found a bug and a solution to this bug.

    Last search terms links doesn’t link back to the refferer page like in the Statpress or Statpress Reloaded plugins.

    You have to replace 388 line in the luc_admin.php file from this:

    $qry = $wpdb->get_results(« SELECT date,time,ip,urlrequested,search,nation,searchengine,language,country FROM $table_name WHERE search » AND ip IS NOT NULL ORDER BY id DESC $querylimit »);

    to this:

    $qry = $wpdb->get_results(« SELECT date,time,ip,urlrequested,search,nation,searchengine,language,country,referrer FROM $table_name WHERE search » AND ip IS NOT NULL ORDER BY id DESC $querylimit »);

  5. Hi There, I love using your plugin. It has helped me greatly so far. Just want to know if there is an option where I can view monthly statistics since I have installed Statpress Visitors? for example where can I see how many visitors and pageviews I had in March, April, May, June etc?
    I also tried to export stats to csv and this function did not work. It does export it, but when I try to open it, it says invalid file format. Help will be appreciated! Thanks

    1. Hi,
      For the moment, there is no monthly statistic. If you want i can add a optional page to view it, but later cause now my computer is down.
      It’s better to export your stat with PhpMyAdmin. The export function was carried from the original StatPress and i never try it !
      Best regard

  6. Seems like it does not pick locations properly.

    Shows my ip to be located in the USA which obviously is not true.

    It’s a Bulgarian IP not USA.. so it useless for me until it’s fixed.

    Otherwise – great work :) !

  7. Hey it’s me again.. This time I will ask for support for cyrillic letters in urls, right now they are being reported as:


    instead of


    This makes it impossible to see what page has been visited. I hope you guys can fix that :)


  8. Hi,

    I’m using this plugin and I like it so far, but I would like to improve it. What is the best way to track the modifications and submit patches? Is there a source code repository somewhere that I can access?

  9. Hi,

    I have WP-reCAPTCHA plugin installed. I had to deactivate it for a brief period (2 days) so someone could try to fix some problems on my site (wanted plugins deactivated to see if they were the issue).

    In that time I had over 80 spam comments. I have the plugin active again.
    But now my page views are gone through the roof (2060 views instead of a normal average 100-200).

    In the plugin ‘statpressV’ I can even see the IP of a visitor spy that have loads of visits.

    Anything I can do to fix this and get my views back to normal?


      1. Is it possible to delete 1 or 2 days statistics from the database?

        I have a similar problem, someone scraped my entire site over 2 days, the stats show ‘page views’ on both days approaching 4000, instead of the usual 300’ish.

        This has made the graph useless, with two huge ‘spikes’ for those days, and all the other days graphs have become tiny columns – just lines basically.

  10. Hello! I have a problem. The blog is over 2 years old and have over 150000 visitors. Now I install Statpress and the counter of visitors is 0. How I can make, that the counter indicates the correct number of visitors? Thanks and regards – Thor

    1. Hi
      Apparently there is a conflict between plugins, try to deactive the others plugins to find where is the problem.
      Best regards

        1. Hi,
          Very difficult, you must write false visit in the statpress table or change the code of the plugin.
          Best regards

      1. Thank you for this plugin, it works great on all my sites. I have a question about banning my own IP- I see your suggestion to add the IP to the .dat file referred to above, however when I go into my directadmin panel edit is not an option for .dat files. Can I create a .dat file? If so how would I do that? Thanks!

        1. Simply, via FTP (with Filezilla by ex.) edit the file def/banip.dat
          One IP by line.
          Best regard

  11. RE: StatPressV plugin for WordPress.

    Currently to view the list of visitors to the blog, the plugin shows the list by IP addresses, then below it the history of visits for that IP. This causes a very long list (pages) to view who visited « today » because it includes their visit history. This proves very impractical and very cumbersome to use this plugin. If I had 200 visitors, that makes it many pages to scroll through, far to many to bother with because of the number when the history of that visitor is included with the current visit stat.

    « Todays » visitors are listed for just that day, no history for that visitor is shown. The « todays » visiting list can be for just one day or up to 3, making that an option to include, but still no history for each visitor included, it is just a daily stat list.

    « Visitor History » is another page to create, where you can click on that IP address or make some kind of page link, where when clicked, will show on a new page the history of that visitor up to 3 months (or more, but not too far back), which is another option to create and include. In other words, the « Visitor History » page is created by a script that draws all the data for that specific visitor and organizes it into a page to read and view.

    These suggestions would make StatPressV far more effective, useable and zero cumbersome.

    1. Hello,
      I think the SPY visitors with a setting of 100 IP per page and 20 visits per IP would solve the problem simply.
      Or I did not understand what’s the problem?

  12. It would be great if the BanIP could be removed from the file system and placed in the database so that it can be edited from WordPress.

    1. It might be nicer, but much less efficient when loading web pages as this is a SQL query of more and that’s just slows the system!

  13. Hi! I just installed your plugin yesterday and is amazing, only I want know if there is some actualization or file where I can change the language because my website is spanish, thank you for amazing plugin!

    1. Hi,
      I work on new release and i want to internationalize it.
      Now, it’s not possible.
      Best regards

  14. Hello !
    Most views and most visitors do not work  !
    What is wrong, and what can I do to make these two statistics work ?
    Many thanks

      1. Sorry for the long time…
        Most visitors and most page views are in the two sections « Visitors » and « Views »…

        I have following sections : StatpressV, Yesterday, Visitor spy, Bot spy, and then Visitors and Views, but these two sections don’t work.

        Many thanks for your help

  15. I have to echo some other people about this plugin.

    Since the 15th of March the stats it’s reporting are considerably smaller than expected and reducing daily, I also happen to be running Jetpack Site Stats and it’s showing different stats (numbers I would expect to see), now obviously my site isn’t huge but I average about 170 visitors a day to it yet the numbers I am seeing now started at 40 and are now down to 20 (40 – 36 – 26 – 24 – 20) yet my stats according to Jetpack are still compariable to my normal days visits, as an example when the day that SiteStatsV shows as 40 my other stats report 183, where it was 24 I had 146, as you can see there is a large difference and I can’t explain why.

    As far as my ISP is concerned I don’t believe they have deleted my DB (it’s strange because there are a few of us now noticing this issue) so I have to wonder what’s going on with this addon.



    1. I do not know JetPack and on my site, the stats are substantially equal to those of Google Analytics and Xiti, perhaps it is there an incompatibility with Jetpack?

      1. Jetpack is a WordPress plugin created by WordPress themselves (Jetpack by, I turned off Statpress and only turned it on again last night at midnight and again there is a large difference in whats being reported.

        18 pageviews via Statpress and 80 via Jetpack, 4 search terms by Statpress, 33 by Jetpack, 0 page referrers by Statpress, 57 by Jetpack.

        I will have a look at Xiti to see what that says, running all three side by side for the next couple of days but if WordPresses own addon tells me one thing (and they used to match up) I have to go with the one thats similar to my previous views (I wouldn’t go from 200 visits a day down to less than 20 which is what Statpress eventually went down to before I disabled it).

        1. Try the other way around: disable JetPack to compare StatPress with Google Analytics and Xiti.

  16. Bonjour, and thank you for this great plugin! I have a qestion if you would be able to help me with, that’d be great. Along with the regular visitors to my site, statpress also tracks image loading from images on external sites that are hotlinked to my site’s images folder. Is there any way to block stats from certain folders hosted on my sites URL? This is really driving my stats up, I really need to figure out a way to block those stats so my visitor stats are accurate. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  17. Hi, I really like the plugin, but ever since I have installed it the date doesn’t show. If I uninstall the plugin and reinstall, will I lose all my data?

    1. Hi,
      What date are you talking about? What page?
      If you disable or remove the plugin, the data table is not removed, so you keep all your data.
      Best regard

  18. Is it possible to block a referrer from showing up in the referrer stats? Some referrer spammer is currently spamming my site and I really don’t need to see this referrer dozens of times in my statistics (actually, I don’t need to see it even once). I would prefer to know where actual visitors come from without having to plow through the same spam referrer over and over again ;)

    1. Hi,
      You can always add the IP of the spammer in the file def/banips.dat (one IP per line), and the visits of that spammers will not be counted.
      But this is insufficient to protect your site, you must totally deny them access to your site, with either DENY FROM …… in .htaccess or with a rewrite rule to be placed in the file .htaccess.
      A google search will give you the how to block access to your site to these spam bots with the .htaccess file.

  19. Hi. Looks like a very interesting plugin. I have put it up running on Outlived classifieds.
    Installation was done very smooth.
    I was surprised, that I don’t have to use some activation code… If you made people to sign up and receive activation code – it would be much easier to track and interact with your customers.
    As well, please add frontend widget screenshots (great addition).

    thank you,
    greetings from the UK
    Outlived Classifieds

  20. Hi,
    Theres a problem with the new stats plugin and the DMSGuestbook plugin in.

    Attempting to start the new statspress fails with the following errpr.

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare message() (previously declared in /***/***/public_html/wp-content/plugins/dmsguestbook/admin.php:3459) in /***/***/public_html/wp-content/plugins/statpress-visitors/statpress.php on line 90

    1. Indeed, I had forgotten about this function to give it the prefix StatPressV_ which ensures its uniqueness.

      Version corrects this oversight.

        1. OK, Another wierd problem.

          When statspress is active, the ‘add media’ button (when making a new post) stops working. It literally does nothing, no window opens for me to drag pictures etc into it.

          The same problem occures on the 2 sites I have statspress installed on.

          If I disable statspress, the add media button works as it should. Re-enabling statspress and it stops working again.

          1. And also, I have just noticed that I lose all the toolbar buttons when using the html editor.

            Again, with statspress disabled, they come back.


            1. I work on it, in fact, it does for StatPress Visitors 1.5 and not for Daily Stat 1.5 which is nevertheless derived from StatPress Visitors 1.5.

    1. When you see URLs that are not pages or article of your web site, it’s because the visitor typed the URL with this syntax in his browser.

      That’s why I added the page URL monitoring, so you can see all those URLs that are not existing pages or articles of your site.

      Some are legitimate URL like /category, others are sometimes hack attempts.

      Do a Google search on that URL to see if it is legitimate or not!

      Have a Good day and thanks you for your reply :)

  21. Hello,
    I recently upgraded to the newest version and have a problem. The stats have stopped updating, all new info since the automatic upgrade read zeros. And in the « Options -> General Tab -> Access Control -> Minimum capability to view statistics » it does not list Administrator, Editor, Publisher, Suscriber; but instead, has a long list of table entries like: switch_themes, edit_themes, activate_plugins, edit_plugins, etc. It is quite a long list. It is the same on the Data Collection and Retention tab. I tried deactivating, uninstalling, and reinstalling the plugin. It came back the same. Do you have any suggestions which may help me?

    1. There is no reason for StatPress does not fontionne especially if you have activated and reactivated. Try reinstalling WordPress itself which must surely be corrupted in your case.
      It is normal to see a list of roles of capacity and not only because the capacity can be tested by the WordPress functions and not roles.

  22. Hi,

    First of all, congratulations for this plugin.

    I tried to play a little bit with the plugin and when I try to get the GeoIP feature to work, I get the following error :

    Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘luc_GeoIP_update_db’ not found or invalid function name in /usr/www/users/……/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 403

    It’s raised when I click on the « Download/update database from Maxmind » button in Options -> GeoIP …. any idea what’s going wrong ?

    Best regards,

    1. This must be an error in the path I made yesterday, I look at it by installing it locally on my computer and fix it.

  23. …. I double-checked my shared host’s PHP modules and it seems curl modules are included

    Maybe you can still have a look at the paths you mentioned in your first reply


    1. I’m working on it, but GeoIP banned my IP, I wrote them and I am waiting for their response continue testing.

      You can do a manually download the database files to your wp-content/GeoIP/ directory, the database files can be found on MaxMind’s website:


      You must unzip these file before use with the FREE 7-Zip ( or a similar ZIP program

      see here :

  24. Hello!
    clears all statistics for three years(stat press plugin)
    Help me please!

    Yesterday I discovered that all my stats zeroed
    tell me, what do I do?
    may return it back?

  25. Hi,
    Thanks for this plugin!
    I have a question about the total visiors number.
    I used another stats plugin first, but that doesn’t work alright anymore, so I installed this plugin.
    But what I like to do is, insert the total visitors number that I already have for my Blog.
    I looked in the database, but I can’t seem to find it.
    Where can I change the « Total Visitors » number?


    1. hello,
      Although it is not currently recommended to display the total number of visitors to the blog (the daily number is better), you can do so with the widget.

      1. Thanks for your speedy answer. But how do I change that in the widget?
        I have this:
        Today : %today%
        Visitors today: %todayvisitors%
        Total Visitors: %totalvisitors%

  26. the string %todayvisitors% will be replace by the number of visitors of today !
    You can write Visitors today: %todayvisitors% in the widget. (there is 2 widgets choose StatPressV Stat macro).

    1. Luciole,
      Je pense que vous ne me comprends pas.
      Avec un autre WP plugin j’avais 200.000 Visitors.
      Mais cette plugin ne fonctionne plus.
      Alors je veux commencer avec 200.000 visitors. Alors total visitors: 200.000
      Comment je fais ça?

      1. Pour l’instant ce n’est pas possible sans modifier le code.
        Vous devez modifier le code du plugin remplacer la ligne 395 du fichier statpress.php par
        $body = str_replace(« %totalvisitors% », (200000+$qry[0]->pageview), $body);

  27. Ok I tried that, but that doesn’t work.(ca ne marche pas)
    It displays: Total Visitors: %totalvisitors% (le screen est Total Visitors: %totalvisitors%)

    1. Bon alors :
      $body = str_replace("%totalvisitors% ", $num, $body);

          1. Si vous écrivez ceci, cela fonctionne :
            $qry = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT count(DISTINCT(ip)) as pageview FROM $table_name WHERE spider='' and feed='' ;");
            $body = str_replace("%totalvisitors%", $num, $body);

  28. Hello,

    I have tryed this plugin for over a week and I still don’t know the total number of the visitors and pageviews. In the startpress overview on wordpress control panel are 415 visitors with 1735 pageviews but in startpress statistics are 387 visitors with only a half of pageviews, 913. Please help me understand they way it is counted because i have to give some statistics and i really don’t know wicht are correct or not.



    1. Hi,
      correct statistics are those of the Overview. The others are those inherited from the original statpress.

  29. Bonjour Luciole,

    Je viens d’installer statpress visitor, et je voudrai savoir à quoi sert le widget et comment afficher dedans juste le nombre total de visiteurs.

    Je précise que je suis un débutant débutant de WP, tout est loin d’être clair pour moi.


    1. Le widget est une survivance du StatPress original. Il est toujours présent par simple survivance. Je déconseille son usage car le simple fait de l’activer fait lire à chaque lecture de page ou d’article l’intégralité de la base de données de StatPress. Si au départ cela ne pose pas de grands problèmes car il n’y a pas beaucoup de visiteurs enregistrés dans la base de données, avec le temps cette lecture devient de plus en plus longue et ralentit le chargement des pages voire peut causer un time-out. C’est pourquoi, je déconseille de l’utiliser.
      Changer le mode de calcul du widget nécessite de revoir le codage du plugin, ce qui prend beaucoup de temps et comme je n’en ai pas beaucoup, je ne l’ai pas encore fait.
      Ce qui rend ce plugin intéressant est le complément d’informations par rapport aux services de stats en ligne comme Xiti ou Google Analytics.
      A mon avis un usage en duo avec ces services est le plus intéressant.

      Quant à informer les visiteurs des statistiques, il est préférable de faire comme le font les grands sites : publier régulièrement une audience : L’audience des Numériques : mois par mois
      Les grands sites pour les mêmes raisons ne donnent pas d’information en temps réels de la fréquentation de leur site car cela ralentirait considérablement le chargement des pages !

  30. bonjour, J’utilise Statpress visitors depuis peu et je me demandais si quelqu’un ici pouvait m’aider: j’utilise la variable %thistotalpageviews% pour connaître le nombre total de visites de chaque page, ça ne fonctionne pas et ça me donne le nombre unique de visiteurs? Les autre variables fonctionnent bien… alors je ne sais pas trop quoi faire…

    c’est pour mettre un peu de piquant dans un mercredi! Merci à quiconque de m’aider à résoudre mon problème

      1. Je viens de vérifier et je pense que thistotalvisitors ne fonctionne pas non plus… Je compare avec l’information de la page «Posts and pages» et ce n’est pas pareil…
        par contre la variable totalpageviews fonctionne bien… mais ce n’est pas celle que je veux!
        J’ai mis le code dans le header.php, est-ce que c’était la bonne place?
        Merci de me répondre, je serai de retour demain matin pour consulter ta réponse et j’espère bien trouvé la solution.

        1. Dans le header, il faut utiliser la fonction php specialement écrite : StatPress_Print(%thistotalpageviews%); sinon cela ne fonctionne pas.

          Il est possible que les nombres ne soient pas identiques entre la page « post and page » et la variable %thistotalpageviews% car les calculs ne sont pas fait de la même façon dans ces deux pages. La variable est calculée au moyen d’une seule requête MySQL alors que la page « post and page » est calculée via 5 requêtes MySQL qui sont ensuite retravaillées en PHP pour recenser la fréquentation de chaque page. Il est difficile du fait même de la complexité des calculs de garantir une équivalence absolue entre les deux calculs.

          Y a t-il vraiment une grande différence ?

          Sinon, concernant les statistiques, ce qui est intéressant, c’est de regarder l’évolution de la fréquentation, pas la fréquentation brute. En effet, les calculs de fréquentation sont différents entre tous les services de stats existant, que ce soient Google Analytics, Xiti, ou les widgets de stats. Ainsi, il est préférable de surveiller l’évolution de la fréquentation plutôt que la fréquentation brute.

          La page « Views » vous indique la fréquentation de chaque page sur la période de temps affichée dans le graphique de la page d’accueil du plugin. Cette page, vous donnera une idée plus précise de la fréquentation des pages.

          De plus, il faut savoir qu’il est préférable d’éviter d’utiliser les variables dynamiquement car cela induit un calcul supplémentaire pour l’affichage de la page et donc ralenti l’affichage de la page. Il est nettement préférable de publier une page accessible à tout le monde qui recense vos statistiques comme le font les grands sites : Audience : les stars de septembre 2013 sur Les Numériques. Ce widget (et les variables) sont une survivance du statpress originel, je déconseille leur usage.

          J’ai essayé toutes les variables sur la copie locale de mon site web et elles fonctionnent toutes. Il m’est impossible de corriger une erreur sans pouvoir la reproduire. Dites exactement le code que vous inserez et comment, ainsi que les résultats obtenus.

          1. Bon matin,
            oui la différence est grande entre les 2, en fait je pense qu’il me donne le nombre de visiteurs au lieu du nombre de pageviews.

            Dans mon header, j’écris ce code:

             StatPress_Print("Nombre total de pages visionnées: %totalpageviews% ");

            Lorsque je mets la variable %totalpageviews% ça fonctionne mais ça ne fonctionne pas avec la variable %thistotalpageviews%. En tout cas je ne comprends pas.

            Je comprends ce que tu dis que statistiquement parlant, c’est intéressant de voir les graphiques et le nombres de visiteurs mais ma patronne tiens à ce que chaque page affiche son propre nombre de views…

            C’est vrai que ça doit relentir si je le mets sur chaque page. J’aimerais proposer à ma patronne de mettre le nombre total de page views sur la page d’accueil seulement mais je ne sais pas comment le faire afficher seulement dans l’acceuil et si elle sera d’accord.

            Comment introduire le code dans ma page html. Je ne suis pas trop habituée… ça paraît… J’ai essayer de mettre le code tel quel et ça ne marche pas.

            Merci de ta patience et de ton aide.

            1. J’ai fait un test en local et sur le site en ligne, il peut y avoir un problème selon le résultat affiché par la fonction luc_StatPressV_URL() qui est utilisée dans la requête MySQL qui permet de calculer les valeurs des variables.

              En local et en ligne, cette fonction ne renvoie pas nécessairement la même valeur qui est normalement l’URL de la page visitée.

              Faites le test suivant : dans le header écrivez


              cela affichera l’URL de la page visitée.

              Il faut vérifier que cette url affichée avec cette fonction correspond à celle qui est enregistrée dans le champ urlrequested (de la table de données de statpress).

              Si ce ne sont pas les mêmes, alors il peut y avoir un problème de calcul.
              Normalement, du moins sur mon site en ligne, ce sont les mêmes.
              Qu’en est-il pour vous ?

              p.s : j’ai corrigé votre message afin de faire apparaitre le code php qui était invisible.

              1. merci pour la correction dans mon message précédent.

                Quand tu dis «table de données de statpress» est-ce sous «URL Monitoring», si oui, il me semble que les url sont bons. Parfois ce n’est pas complet comme par exemple il manque les pages dans dessous comme exemple accueil/pageA/pageActuelle et bien dans certain cas ce n’est que pageActuelle. Je ne sais pas si c’est normal.

                Une autre chose bizarre que j’ai remarqué, dans «Post and pages», j’ai des résultats pour les 26 premières pages listés seulement et les autres dans lesquelles je suis sûre d’être aller, il n’y a rien…

                Un peu compliqué… J’utilise l’extension Breadcrumb NavXT pour un fil d’Ariane, est-ce que ça pourrait interférer de quelques sortes? Peut-être devrais-je me tourner vers d’autres applications?

                1. La table de données de statpress est accessible avec phpmyadmin, voir un tutoriel pour son usage ici : phpMyAdmin
                  En règle générale, tous les hébergeurs disposent de phpMyAdmin sur leur serveur.

                  1. Oui j’ai été voir dans phpMyAdmin et la variable urlrequested est la même que celle dans UrlMonitoring. Et c’est comme j’ai dit, plus haut «parfois ce n’est pas complet comme par exemple il manque les pages dans dessous comme exemple accueil/pageA/pageActuelle et bien dans certain cas ce n’est que pageActuelle.»

                    1. Je ne vous comprend pas bien ou alors vous ne m’avez pas bien comprise.

                      Est-ce que lors d’une visite de votre site, le champs urlrequested de cette visite que vous pouvez voir directement dans la table de données avec phpMyAdmin est le même que celui qui s’affiche en plaçant le code suivant dans le header :


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